Life in Alaska: Blocking Summer Sun

One of the things that is so different about living in Alaska is the amount of daylight during the different seasons. We made it through winter and the 6 hours of sunlight. Now we are moving into summer and moving into 6 hours of darkness. While many of you may think “Wow, that sounds awesome!” and I’m sure it will be in many ways, I am anxious about my preschooler getting enough sleep. (and myself as well.) Sleep deprivation can do so much damage to your body. Plus kids just need to sleep so they can grow. With this in mind I have been researching how I can darken our bedrooms. I asked local friends what they do and read some articles online. I will talk about four options, although I am sure there are several we can go with.

Blocking Summer Sun

Blocking Summer SunWood blinds are nice and sturdy, but they can be pricy. Especially for the wide windows we have in our bedrooms. I would have to special order these blinds. We live in an apartment, so this really is not an option for us.

Easy Fit light blocking shades look decent. They come in different sizes and have a honey comb double layer to help block out the light and heat. I like that the installation is easy and no drilling is required. We might purchase these later in the summer.

Foil on the windows. What? You heard me! I put foil on our windows. Cheap, quick, effective. Since we live in an apartment, I am looking for the cheapest option right now. Our budget is tight. This is in our bedrooms, so most people won’t be seeing this look and we also have other curtains covering the windows.

Sleep masks. Another option is sleep masks like they give you at spas and swanky hotels. Although I am not sure my preschooler would actually wear this, (and I know my husband won’t) I was given this idea by a local friend.

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