AquaFruit Infusion Bottle

I received this AquaFruit Infusion Bottle for free in order to write this review. My opinions are 100% my own.

So I need to drink more water. I think everyone can stand to drink a bit more water! The body is composed o 60% water, there-fore its important you have a good amount of it in your diet.

Drinking water has many health benefits that I am sure have been gone over time and time again. Water effects everything from your skin, to your colon, to your brain. so why do I have so much trouble drinking it? With all the recent recalls of bottled water, I wont be purchasing any anytime soon!

So when I was offered the opportunity to try the fruit infuser bottle I decided to go for it! There are so many ways to AquaFruit Infusion Bottlemix fruit to get different tastes.

1. Orange Blueberry
2. Rosemary and Grapefuit
3. Strawberry Orange Mint
4. Watermelon and Mint
5. Raspberry and Lemon
6. Raspberry, Kiwi, and Peach
7. Lime, Raspberry, & Mint
8. Cucumber & Basil
9. Strawberry & Cucumber
10. Lemon & Mint

This infuser was so easy to use. It came apart very easily and I was able to get my fruit in the infuser easily. It did not take long for my fruit to create flavor in my water. I do wish it had a no spill spout. The twist off flat lid is hard for my five year old to manage and it is easy for him to spill on himself. I took this to work and got several compliments. Overall I enjoy drinking water form this bottle and will continue to use it.

Thanks AquaFruit!

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