Biscuit Pizzas: Toddler Approved

Biscuit pizzas
I am always looking for toddler approved easy meals to prepare. A few weeks ago we went to a friends home for a play date. The other mom and I had this grand idea to make mini pizzas like we used to make when we were kids. She had a can of biscuits, some pizza sauce and cheese. We thought the boys would love making their own pizzas, but really they were too busy playing to bother. So her and I made them. It was easy.

First we opened the can of biscuits. (the regular old can of 10 biscuits). We put them on the tray and spread them out with our freshly washed fingers. Then we spooned out the sauce. I like a lot of sauce, she does not. So we kept my pizzas on one side of the tray and hers on the other. We sprinkled on the cheese. This is where you could add vegetables to make it your own. Then we put them in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 or so minutes.

We finally got the boys up to the kitchen to eat with us. They liked the pizzas! And so did we. So much so that we made more. This was easy, inexpensive and fun. I bet as the boys get older they will enjoy helping us make them as well.

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