Life In Alaska: We Gave Up Cable TV

I grew up with cable TV. I watched a ton of TV as a kid. I enjoy TV. I enjoy it a little too much. I have gone through periods in my life where I could not miss a certain show. I would not go to dinner with a friend, not take a phone call or even changed my work schedule during the hour that particular show was on. I always seemed to feel a sense of let down after I watched that beloved television show.

Life In Alaska: We Gave Up Cable TV

Why we gave up cable tv.
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So when we we made the move to Alaska, we had the opportunity to make some changes. We gave up cable TV. Actually we gave up television in general. We do not have a television in our home. We got high-speed internet at our home, but not cable. In fact I sold our big screen TV just before we moved across the country. Does this mean we don’t watch TV at all? Nope.

We watch Netflix, Hulu plus, Amazon Prime and You-tube. You can find just about anything you want right there television wise. Movies are a different story. I struggle to sit though a two hour movie with a four year old running about. So, I really haven’t watched a movie in over a year.

Netflix and Amazon Prime have a variety of movies and add more to their library monthly. I don’t worry about the newest movies like I did when I was younger. I can wait.

Our son watches a variety of learning TV shows that I never knew existed when we had regular TV. (I also have written a post about TV shows.) He knows he has a certain amount of screen time and that is it. The TV is not on in the background.

I find that I am more intentional about my time when I don’t have to sit down and watch the show at a certain time. I watch all shows “on demand” I pull up the websites and watch the newest episode. Sometimes it is the same evening the show aired (four hour time difference from Eastern time zone being in Alaska) or sometimes it is the next day.

Although we do offer some “down time”, we also find creative ways to spend our time instead of watching TV. Our son is learning that making an obstacle course in the family room and playing with play-dough are fun alternatives to sitting front of the TV.

We also save a bit of money by not having cable. Amazon prime runs $99 a year. (Free shipping to Alaska is worth that for me), Netflix is $7.99 a month.

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