Chocolate Crescent Rolls

Chocolate Crescent Rolls

chocolate cressent rollsSo I had this brilliant idea today. My three year old got up super early and I was exhausted by lunch. I was just going to have cereal for lunch, then I noticed we are out of milk. Again. We seem to go through a gallon a day. I saw the crescent rolls I had just purchased at the store two days ago (with the milk). I decided to add some semi sweet chocolate chips and roll them up.

My three year old has really gotten into helping me. He got the cookie sheet out while I opened the crescent rolls. He watched me do a couple then he did a couple. We popped them in the oven at 375 for 10 minutes. Oh My Wow! Is it awful that this was our lunch?

I’m not going to win mother of the year anyway so I can splurge and do ridiculous things like give my kid chocolate for lunch. You should too. He  loved it. So did I, for a few minutes I was on vacation, enjoying my chocolate roll. Then I realized I was at the kitchen table and my three year old had dumped his gold fish all over the table, got out all my measuring cups and was playing on the floor. Could be worse right?



Thought I would share this with you. One year for $4 or two years for $7.99 plus a free gift!


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    These are so good, we discovered these after watching Julie & Julia the movie (hope that was the name of it) anyways after that we began playing with stuffing things inside cresent rolls. (Cheese, ham, egg, pepperoni with cheese, cinnamon, chocolate, hamburger & cheese)
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      Oh. I thought I was a genius. Just kidding. I haven’t tried much else. Chocolate is where I stopped. Gonna try a few other things though!

      Thanks for reading my blog!

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