Cleaning The Floors on the Cheap

This post contains affiliate links and a review of a product I received to help me when cleaning floors!

I have linoleum in my kitchen. It has tiny divots in it which catch dirt. That bugs me. A lot. I try to mop every week, but lets be honest, I have a three year old. I have written about another way I have tried to keep my floor clean. Pine sol in a spray bottle. That worked for a while. Those divots still catch the dirt. Lets face it the only way to get that out is to scrub it by hand. I’m tired, I don’t want to spend and entire day cleaning the floors. (that is how long it took me the last time I got down on my knees with a brush.) I found a green alternative that is cheap!

cleaning the floor

Cleaning the floors with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Cleaning  with Hydrogen Peroxide is great because it acts like bleach, but does not hurt the environment. Basically I put it in a spray bottle and doused the floor with it. I noticed that the longer it sat on the floor the less scrubbing I had to do. (ten minutes or longer)  While I was waiting I went to my closet and got my brush and mop from my handy closet organizer! (full review in the next paragraph) I still had to take a brush to the floor to remove the dirt from the divots, but I only scrubbed for about an hour. That cut my scrubbing time down 6 hours! WOW!

I received the Greenco Mop and Broom Organizer for free in order to write this review. I sweep my kitchen daily with a broom. I usually end up mopping and #moporganizerscrubbing every other month because of those nasty divots that catch dirt I was talking about earlier. This organizer helps me to have a place for my broom, dust pan and mop. I’m not always searching for an out of the way place to store them (but still handy since I sweep daily).  The organizer attached easily to my pantry wall and with in minutes I had a way to store my mop and broom! 


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    Thanks for all this great information… I never thought of hydrogen peroxide to be so useful!!!

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    Great tips!!
    Will defiantly give some of those a go ;0)

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    Wow! Hydrogen Peroxide?! I would have NEVER guessed! And it’s so cheap too. I’m definitely trying this out. Thanks for the heads up!
    Kristin Willis recently posted…FREE Ham Classic SandwichMy Profile

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    Hydrogen peroxide is extremely healthy, our body needs a lot. For example when we take vitamin C, it produces hydrogen peroxide – it is simply essential for life.
    Marika recently posted…YOJ Project Week 25 – SolsticeMy Profile

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      I am a registered nurse. Hydrogen peroxide is a carcinogen if used too much or in too strong a solution, to mucous membranes, such as mouth tissue. Occasional use as a mouthwash for mouth sores is acceptable if very dilute–10 to 1 solution, for example, once or twice a week for a short time. Doctors hardly ever prescribe it for extended wound care. It is a good cleaning product for household jobs, tho.

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    I never thought of using hydrogen peroxide to clean the floor. It’s really smart. My floor needs a cleaning so I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the tip!

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    Must try. Must try. Especially on my floors. Love all the tips and tricks of peroxide! APPLAUSE!!

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    I honestly used it for cleaning my ears and cleaning boo boo’s on my boys scraped knees. How wonderful that there are so many other uses for it. I like the idea with spraying your fruit with the 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and water. Who knew that would help make the fruits last longer? Thank you for sharing.

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    I spent a year in my tweens walking around with orangey hair thank to too much peroxide! Now as a smarter mom, I love the ways I can use it to clean and more!
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    Oh you clever, clever homemaker!! I have used HP for many things but never on my floors. Makes sense that it would be a terrific floor cleaning tool but, it took YOU to point out its value to the rest of us.

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    Huh?! And to think I’ve only ever used it to clean up cuts and scrapes. I just bought a bottle yesterday but it was a small one. Need to find bigger bottles if its going to be used to clean.

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    great tips my friend. We use vinegar for a lot of cleaning. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite things hop xo P.S. love your new profile photo 🙂
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    FABULOUS! I have begun to notice GRUNGY GROUT. I’ll be using up my old peroxide trying this. YOUR PROFILE PIC is AWESOME! You look lovely, Erica!

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    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! After 4 years of steam cleaning my linoleum floor, I took a good look and was horrified to see how really dirty they were. So bucket after bucket of hot water and a spray cleaner and a lot of scrubbing on my knees, it looked a lot a lot cleaner and brighter. But those little nooks and crannies still had dirt in them. I surely will be trying the HP.

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