Copycat Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

I love smoothies! There is this smoothie place in my hometown called Tropical Smoothie Cafe. My favorite of theirs is the peanut butter cup smoothie. Since we moved to Juneau and no longer live near that smoothie shop. I wanted to try to mimic that smoothie at home.

 I added #AbundantGreens to my favorite smoothie for extra punch! so yummy my kid didn't even know he was drinking greens! I finally perfected the recipe! This is a delicious and healthy treat! I received some ABUNDANT GREENS – Superfood Drink Powder to try and review (affiliate links used in this post) and I have been mixing it into these smoothies! Even my 5 year old loved it! I got him to drink greens and he didn’t even know!

A bit about the greens ABUNDANT GREENS floods your body with 100% bioavailable, enzymatically-live, cell-ready nutrients specially chosen from the most vibrant sources on earth – Organic Moringa Oleifera Leaf (from the Miracle Tree of the Himalayas), Organic Wheatgrass, Organic Spirulina Platensis, Organic Chlorella (cold cracked cell wall), Organic Canadian Alfalfa, Organic Barley Grass and just a touch of Organic Stevia Leaf. Which means they can and will help you to: gently detox cleanse , improve hair & skin, stay young and  burn calories.

And now to my favorite recipe!

Copycat Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

Copycat Peanut butter Cup SmoothieHere is what you need:

One banana
Two heaping tablespoons of peanut butter
One Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake from Advocare
Eight ounces of milk
One small container of vanilla yogurt
1 tsp of Abundant Greens

Blend in blender until smooth and enjoy!

My son loves these and I do too. I also know that we are getting complete nutrition with 26 vitamins and minerals in the meal replacement shake plus the added punch from the greens. Peanut butter adds protein and the banana throws in some fruit. Make sure you buy yogurt that contains live cultures, this will aid your digestion. This smoothie does not taste like it is so healthy!
On a warm summer day there is nothing like a smoothie to cool you down. Sitting outside soaking up the sun, drinking a smoothie is the perfect way to spend a lazy summer day.

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