Easy Banana Pudding

My mom makes this easy banana pudding. Since we moved I have been trying to make some of her recipes. I called her the other day to get this because I know Little Crab will love it. Plus it has Bananas in it. I like to sneak fruit or vegetables in where I can. Why not put them in pudding? When she told me the recipe I said “Seriously? That’s it? I have to put this on my blog!” I don’t love to cook. So I look for fun easy recipes to cook for my family; then I share them with you so you don’t have to feel like a slave to your kitchen either.

 Easy Banana Pudding

Easy Banana PuddingJello Instant Pudding
Vanilla wafers
2 to 3 bananas
Cool Whip

Make pudding as directed for 5 minute pudding directions on the box. Stir in half of the container of Cool Whip.
Place vanilla wafers in bottom of the bowl. Alternately top wafers with pudding, sliced bananas, and wafers again.
Top completed dessert with Cool Whip and a few Vanilla Wafers.
You could omit the COOL WHIP if you like. (But who really wants to do that? I say hooray for cool Whip!)

This is a great desert to take to that summer picnic or cookout, that church function or graduation party. It’s smooth cool and fruity. Another easy and inexpensive desert dish for your family!

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