5 Educational Television Shows for Preschoolers

tv for preschoolers
Yes you read the title correctly. I’m going to be talking about letting your preschooler watch television. Now, I’m not an advocate for all day everyday television. In fact, I limit Little Crabs television time. I have, however, come across a few television shows that we both really like. I thought I would tell you why I like them.

Team Umizoomi – This show is about a boy and a girl and a robot. They have to solve problems using math. My son started watching this show before he turned two. One day I was cleaning the kitchen and I heard him answer the questions they were asking, and getting it right. I thought that because it was introducing math, it might be a little advanced for him. I never thought he would “get it” and be able to do the math and not even know he was doing it. (Nick Jr.)

SuperWhy – This show is about a group of friends who turn into super readers. They teach reading and spelling. Most of the shows are spin offs of nursery rhymes. One of the friends always has a problem and needs to know how to handle it, so they read a book to find out the answer. Along the way they solve problems using the alphabet and spelling words. They read pages of the story and highlight the words on the screen as they do. (Sprout)

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood– This show takes me back. I grew up on Mr. Rogers. This is a spin off of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. You will find that all the characters from make believe now have kids of their own. They are teaching their kids social skills. (PBS)

Dinosaur Train– In this show there is a family of dinosaurs who ride a train to meet other dinosaurs. They always have an adventure. Did I mention that one of the children is adopted? One dinosaur egg got in their nest by mistake, but the mom loves him just as much as her other babies. It is a great subliminal message of acceptance. Plus you get to hear from a paleontologist about dinosaurs. (PBS)

Special Agent Oso– Oso is a bear who helps kids learn how to do things. This show focuses on following directions. Oso and his friend always have three special steps to complete. (Disney Jr.)

We watch all five of these shows. Not every day, but when they are on I feel confident it is not empty television my son is watching. The first five years are so important that I do not want to waste a moment!


wordgirlWe also watch two other television shows that I think, could be for children a bit older. Grade school kids will really get a kick out of Word Girl and Sid the Science Kid.

Word Girl is a super hero that has to constantly save her town form crazy weird bad guys. This show teaches vocabulary. (PBS)

Sid the Science Kid is all about science and learning how things work. It doesn’t keep my son’s attention yet, but I think older kids would enjoy the fun songs and how Sid and his classmates learn about the world around them. (Sprout)

What do your kids watch on television?



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    It sounds like my toddler could use some Special Agent Oso – he hasn’t mastered the direction following skill yet. 😉

    We don’t have TV as such, but I remember watching educational shows when I was a kid. I even remember some of the stuff I learned from them! LOL.

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    My daughter loves Umizoomi and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and I am grateful there are shows that she can watch, and also get some educational value out of. Some of the cartoons on Disney or Nick are terrible and teach horrible values and ideas. Definitely monitoring what they’re watching is a must!

    Thanks for the list, we’ll check out the other shows that I haven’t heard of 🙂
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    Thanks for posting this! My kids used to love Sid the Science Kid, and Super Why. I always giggled at the end of Super Why when he says “and remember kids, keep asking questions” which is of course the essence of science-asking questions. But I always thought, “No! No more questions!” Ha! 🙂
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    I am glad that Esperanza is watching these shows thanks to my sitter… She loves them I haven’t seen them but from your post I am glad she is watching them… Thanks for informing me!

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