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I have a son who is four years old. Sometime in my house we struggle with discipline. I know that follow through is important. Setting boundaries is important, but I also know that praise and talking about how to change behavior is equally important. That is why I know you will love the product I have to share with you today. I recieved this product for free in order to conduct this review.

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Fruit-Full Kids offers plates designed after the fruits of the spirit. They are so fun and colorful and a great tool to help teach your child about good behavior and good character traits we all need to develop and work on.

There’s something very powerful about simply recognizing good behavior with a shared award. And the break from the cycle of bribing the children with sweet treats or toys is very refreshing.

The founder Lauri, thought of these plates when she was having a hard day with her own kids. She told her kids that she would offer a reward for kindness. she thought she wouldn’t have to follow through, but kids are surprising creatures. they wanted the reward. So she decided not to bribe them with candy or a new toy. Instead she served the child she chose as demonstrating the most kindness on a special plate. The kids ate it up! (pun intended) and she came up with other characteristics she wanted to teach her children. That we all want to teach our children.

I have one child, so this game doesn’t really fit into our home. So I came up with something else. I have my son choose his plate at dinner time. I read to him what the plate is about and then we discuss how he demonstrated that during the day; or how other people showed that to him. Having him come up with examples has done wonders. He is really getting the idea! He now looks for things to say at dinner time!

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These plates are a hit at my house and I know they will be for your kids too. So much so that I am offering a giveaway! Enter below to win a set of three plates! 3 Bonus Plates (Fruitful Follower, Gracious Giver and Golden Rule)
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    I love this concept! What a great company; helping our children to bear fruit! Matt 7:17

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    These are so great! I don’t have kids yet, but I’d love to use something like this for positive reinforcement!

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    Thanks for such a nice review Erica! Fruit-Full Kids is offering a special 10% off to all We Three Crabs followers. Simply use Promo Code WE3CRABS at checkout and receive 10% off any order at

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    What a wonderful idea! Those plates look amazing and have a great story behind them:)

    Katie Campbell

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    I LOVE this idea! It’s a great way to teach biblical standards in a visually compelling manner!

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    These are absolutely adorable and what a great message! My little one is still kind of young for these but it won’t be long.


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    Not to be redundant in the comments but as someone said above (great minds think alike:) ) This is a great and gentle way for positive reinforcement

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