Fun With Kids – Spring Edition

The last time I wrote a Fun with kids post was back in the fall. We lived in the Midwest and knew our surroundings very well. Since then we have moved. We now live in Southeast Alaska. We have been here about six months. This is our very first spring here in Alaska! As I write this list, it’s mostly as a reminder to myself of all the neat and new things I want to do this spring/summer.

Fun With Kids – Spring Edition

Fun With Kids Spring Edition1. Go on a hike. Here in Juneau there are hundreds of trails. We plan on hitting most of them! When the weather is nice and as the sun comes out more and more we choose a trail and take a family walk. Great exercise and a nice way to explore. If you don’t live somewhere with an extensive trail system, head to your local park and walk around.

2. Explore a new playground. We are blessed with several nice playgrounds here in Juneau. Kids need to be able to run around and burn off some of that energy. Find a playground or local school and let the kids play. Play with them or sit and enjoy the sunshine yourself.

3. Plant flowers. Planting flowers is very relaxing to me. I love to get my hands in the cool moist dirt. I also love to group flowers together and arrange different colors. Teaching Little crab about flowers and gardening is something we can both learn from.

4. Sit outside. To me everything is better outside. Especially if it is warm and sunny. Sit on the driveway and let your kids run in the yard, ride bikes or play in the sandbox.

5. Host a barbeque. Spring and summer are more relaxed. You can invite the neighbors and fire up the grill for some hot dogs and hamburgers. Make a quick pasta salad and a desert and sit outside while the kids run in the yard.

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