Gifts for Kindergartners

Have your kids made their gift lists yet? My son keeps adding to his every day. Little Crab is now in Kindergarten, I can’t believe how big he is getting! So this year my focus will be on the age range of 4-6 because that is what I am buying. Below you will find gifts for kindergartners. I can tell you this, before Christmas we (I) will need to go through the toy box and get rid of a few things. We need to make room for all the new stuff that will arrive come Christmas day. This post contains products that I have reviewed this year, affiliate links and some great ideas for your growing child!

Great Gifts for Kindergarteners


Gifts for Kindergartners

One of my favorite shops on Etsy is Busy Kids Activities. She hand makes felt story boards and the characters for your child’s stories. She has a wide array of characters, not just people, bugs, animals, cars and she even has one of those felt Christmas trees that are so popular now! Earlier this year, she sent us a felt board and three sets of pieces. We wrote about the stories that my son creates with this fun board. This is a quiet activity that can be given to your older child during a younger child’s nap. I just love this shop and I know you will too!

Little Crab plays with Legos everyday! So he will be getting some new Legos. Currently he has both Duplos and the teeny tiny Legos. This is why I love this roll up mat. One side fits Duplos and the other fits the tiny ones. What an awesome idea! I also am featuring the Click and Play building block set. These are compatible with legos but are a fraction of the cost. I received them for free and they do play well with the Legos we already have. I am wrapping them up and they will be under our tree Christmas Morning!

We also have succumbed to the would of Mine-Craft this year. I have a love-hate relationship with this game. Yes it is fairly harmless and is a lot like building with Legos. I also would like to see him engage in more dramatic play other than just screen time. So we will offer some Mine-Craft themed toys for dramatic play.

There is always someone who wants to send clothes. We appreciate clothes. Living in Alaska, we have exactly two places to shop.
These snow/ski gloves are perfect for going out to build a snowman or hitting the slopes at Eaglecrest!

We have to buy pants and shirts separately because Little Crab is in a bigger size shirt than pant. Also he has an opinion. He will only wear “soft” pants. No jeans for this kid. I took all of his jeans that I had acquired through family, garage sales and other places and consigned them.

Little Crab asked to be able to practice cutting vegetables so he could help more in the kitchen. I received this set for free in order to write this review. Affiliate Links also used below. The vegetables in this kit are realistic looking and will be the perfect size for his 5 year old hands. The knife is sturdy and not sharp, I bet he will want to use it with playdough as well. I do wish the cutting board was a bit bigger, I will probably let him use one of mine instead. Overall I am pleased.

Last but not least you simply can not forget about the books! Little Crab loves to read. I’m thankful for that because I love to read too.

This is my list of gifts for kindergartners. Yes, it is slanted toward boys. I have a boy, we don’t buy princess themed anything! I’m sure you could find that on your own though!

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