Give the Gift of Funny!

It’s holiday time again and I begin to think about unique gifts to give to the friends and family on my list. With all the hate and bad things happening in the world today I always look for something to make my people feel light and warm, maybe even laugh. When I ran across these super funny cards I loved the idea of my far away friends opening up the envelope and busting out laughing at the cute fruit and veg people in the front of the cards.  I know that when I go the the mail box I get bills, bills bills, then I come inside and hear the news. It’s time to lighten up people!

Give the gift of funny this holiday season. Brighten up someones day with these delightfully funny cards.

Give The Gift of Funny!

The fruit and veggies characters are hand sculpted and photographed by Rory Kirstein Zuckerman. Based in the Washington, D.C. Area, the company is run by a small group of women who appreciate the fabulously cheeky cards. Some of the cards are even hand assembled. We pride ourselves on the beautiful, high quality card stock and envelopes we use and the personal care and attention to detail that goes into every order. Here’s more background:

It all started with a banana and a glass of wine (maybe two). Was it just me, or did that slice of banana look like a Siamese cat?? That’s when creator Rory Kirstein Zuckerman’s zany obsession with creating irresistible fruit and veggie characters began.

Now, it’s hard for Rory to shop for veggies without seeing her next potential personality! A vivid imagination and tons of creative fun brings veggies to life in the form of her carefully crafted greeting card characters.

Perfect to share with friends, co-workers and family, or a great gift for your BFF, “Wee the Veggies” cards take your daily dose of fruits and veggies to a whole new level.

New cards are released each month according to the season and current events. There is a special going on until the end of the year: Free Shipping on your first order with the code FREESHIP1ST

Why not order a bunch and send them out with your Christmas gifts, order some to send as birthday cards next year, or order a couple of set to give as gifts so your friends will send you the gift of funny next year! I just giggle every time I see one of these cards! Give the gift of Funny this Holiday season.

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