Grilled Mac n Cheese

Okay I have a confession to make…in the fall I crave carbs. I love comfort food! Now that autumn is definitely in the air I have something very special to share with you. This grilled mac n cheese is full of carbs and probably not as healthy as it should be. Don’t feel guilty, eat some fruit later in the day. Ha! This is a great kid friendly lunch. It also could be served with sliced apples and a bowl of soup for dinner.

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Grilled Mac n Cheese

Grilled-mac-n-cheeseYep, you read that right. Start with a box of mac n cheese, The kind with the packet of creamy cheese works best for this. (hey I like to make it easy and yummy!) Cook up the mac n cheese as directed, set aside. You could also make your mac n cheese from scratch. Sometimes I do this as well. Depends on time and budget in my house; both ways work for this easy recipe.

Butter 2 slices of bread (I used split top wheat), place one butter side down with a slice of cheese. Spread mac on top of cheese slice and place other slice on top. Flip (carefully). Place on plate. Cut and serve!

This would be wonderful served with tomato soup and a glass of cold milk on a brisk day. Total comfort food!

Why not treat your kids with this lunch while they are on fall break from school. I bet they would love it!

What is your favorite fall lunch to serve?

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    I like fall comfort foods too. I bet my son would love this with a bowl of soup.

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    I would have never thought of using mac and cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich! Now that I have seen it and read about it, I think I need to make one! I mean right now!
    Cynthia L. recently posted…Uglee Pen an Ergonomic PenMy Profile

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    My hubby would be all over this.
    So would the kids.
    Me…I’m just not sure.
    A wee bit squeamish!
    Heather Lawrence recently posted…Fall 2013 bucket listMy Profile

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    Wow, oh wow! You do not know how many times Ive only had a little mac and cheese left over for one child. now, I can divide it up, and they can have sandwiches! AWESOME idea!
    Amy Desrosiers recently posted…How Heroin Robbed a Piece of My Heart ForeverMy Profile

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    This looks pretty tasty!! I might have to try this some time!
    Michelle @ The MaMade Diaries recently posted…Social Media Sunday!My Profile

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    This reminds me of childhood! Sounds delicious and definitely sounds like a meal for a rainy afternoon!

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    That looks delicious! I just had dinner, but I am hungry again. I’m going to have to try it soon, and of course, end my day with some fruits. 🙂

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    I love mac and cheese, and your recipe looks amazing! I don’t eat much of it anymore, gluten intolerant and I don’t care for gluten free noodles…so gummy and pasty..yuk! Thanks for sharing, your pics are great too!

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