I love Essential Oils! You will too….

I love using essential oils in my home. I am fairly new to the Essential oils game so when the opportunity arose for me to get some oils for free to try and learn more about them I took it. Today I will be talking about Simply Earth brand of essential oils and sharing my thoughts. I received these oils for free in order to write this article. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Simply Earth sent me two fragrances to try and learn about in this batch of oils. Both of these oils are widely used and fairly easy to obtain. There are lots of uses for both of these oils. I’m sure my list of uses will not be comprehensive, it’s just what I personally use them for.

Lemon Essential Oil

I am talking about a few way that we use Lemon and Pepermint essential oils at out home. Lemon is such a bright and citrusy scent. It reminds me of sunshine in a bottle. I diffuse Lemon Essential oil when I am feeling down. Lemon has several uses. I use it for cleaning, diffusing and in my laundry.

For Cleaning you can add several drops to your homemade cleaning spray it is a great disinfectant and leaves your counters smelling fresh and clean. You can also add a several drops to your homemade Laundry Detergent as well! I actually put this essential on my dryer balls (remember when I reviewed them? Yes I am still using them!) I love the faint scent of lemon on my clothes. It is not overpowering at all. If you make your own deodorant it would be fabulous in that as well.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil is invigorating. A sweet minty flavor. Be careful not to add too much or it will be overpowering. This is great to add a few drops into your shampoo bottle to help awaken your scalp. You can diffuse this oil as well. Peppermint is great to help relieve headaches and indigestion. Make sure that if you are applying this directly on the skin, that you dilute it first in a carrier oil. My favorite carrier oil is coconut oil. Literally I have it sitting on my kitchen counter!

This is awesome as a homemade foot scrub. Super easy and inexpensive to make. (Hello Christmas, Valentines’ day, Mother’s Day presents!) All you need is some Epsom salts, Coconut oil and peppermint essential oils. Put a small amount of oils in a bowl and add Epsom salt. Mix together until it forms a paste. Add 10-15 drops of Peppermint essential oil. Be careful not to over do it. Mix well and put in a mason jar with a lid. Tie a fancy ribbon around the jar.

I also made a home made spider spray last year. The truth is, insects hate the smell of peppermint, so this is a great repellant.

Simply Earth Brand

Simply,  I love this brand. There are a ton of essential oil brands out there; those giant MLM companies who started this whole craze and several smaller companies trying to make their way. So why do I love this brand? This brand was started by two guys who wanted to make a difference. They are Christians who want to offer low cost products to people just like you and I. But They also give back.  “That’s why we are committed to offering natural products at affordable prices while giving 7.5% of every sale to organizations committed to serving others.” (taken from the web site.) They  carefully choose a different cause each month to donate to. That is something I love to support.

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