Lazy Bar Cookies

Lazy Bar Cookies

I want to say up front that I did not come up with this idea. I  was on Pinterest and saw this pin and decided to try it. Something about the words Lazy and cookie that had me intrigued. I’m always looking for a quick and easy recipe so I don’t feel like a slave to the kitchen.

Lazy Bar CookiesThis really is not a cookie at all. My family was disappointed. Now if this were called yellow cake with chocolate chips, they may have gone for it. They were expecting  a cookie. It’s not.

It was definitely easy to make. Easy to put together. My four year old loved to dump the chocolate chips in. He also got a lesson in cracking eggs and helped with the stirring. Here is what you need:

1 box of yellow cake mix

5 tablespoons of butter – melted

2 eggs

One bag of chocolate chips. I used semi sweet, but I don’t see why you could not use milk chocolate.

Preheat oven to 350. Mix everything together. Pour into 9×13 pan. I sprayed it with Pam first. Bake for 30 minutes. Check to see if it is done.

Basically it is yellow cake with chocolate chips. It would be good with some icing on top. What a simple take on a yellow cake mix, but don’t expect cookie consistency.


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