Life in Alaska: Traveling

As we continue on our journey here in Alaska I am learning so many new things. We moved to Alaska a little over a year ago. I’ve written a few post on our move, facing change and some of the challenges we have faced. Today I am going to talk a little bit about another challenge. Traveling.

life in alaskaWe live in Juneau. Juneau has no roads leaving the city. The only way in or out is by boat or by plane. This makes traveling a bit more difficult. I am so used to jumping in the car and having a road trip. In the lower 48 you can drive anywhere you want to go.

Sadly we haven’t been out of Juneau yet. We have been exploring the sights and all the nature right here in our own backyard. Eventually though, we will venture out. When that happens it will be expensive. Guaranteed. There are some things I do now to help to defray those costs.

The first thing one needs to do is apply for an Alaskan Airlines credit card. For every purchase you make you earn miles. Miles can then be traded for flights anywhere you decided to travel to. Here in Juneau, one of the grocery stores links their shopping card to your Alaskan Airlines card and you can earn miles just by getting groceries.


It’s always nice to save a little money. So from every paycheck a certain amount goes right into a separate savings account that we set up for traveling.

Now that we have been in Alaska for a full calendar year, we can apply for the permanent Fund. The Permanent Fund (PFD) is a dividend that goes to every Alaskan who applies. Last year it was over $1800 per person. We will be applying for ours beginning next year. A lot of people use tier PFD money to travel. Since the money goes out in October, you always see PFD specials from the airlines.

These four tidbits will make traveling easier for many Alaskans! and even non-Alaskans.

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