Life in Alaska: Walking the Wetlands

Earlier this month Little Crab and I met the local homeschooling group at the Mendenhall wetlands. It was low tide and we were able to walk and walk and walk. As tides ebb and flow across the wetlands, much of the refuge alternates between a pasture and a shallow sea.

I need boots!Chase got a kick out of looking for duck poop and getting to say “poopy pants” once he found some. It was cold that day and we do not own waders. I also do not own a proper pair of boots yet. I guess you could say I have been in denial. Everyone who lives in Alaska should own a pair of boots!

The Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge is 4,000 acres of  habitat for migrating and resident birds. Just a few of those birds are: Canada Goose, Raven, Eagles, Great Blue Heron, Gulls, Peeps, Sandpipers and Sparrows.

Throughout the year, the diverse plant communities are home to more than just birds also a dozen different mammals, eight anadromous fishes, and an abundance of other marine life also live there too. Which makes this an amazing place to walk, hike and look around. We enjoyed the couple of hours we spent there and plan to watch the tides this summer and go back and walk again, after I buy a pair of boots!


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    We visited the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center for the first time on Mother’s Day and I lamented the fact that my husband and I don’t own real boots either. That’s something we need to fix. Any suggestions on brands (budget-friendly of course!)?

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      Budget friendly….hmmm Sloggers? I love my footie slogger garden shoes, I bet boots would be comfortable too. May not hold up as well as more expensive brands though. I have been looking for a pair of Muck boots. I hate to say that XtraTuff boots are not comfortable. Let me know what bots you end up getting. Find me on Facebook.

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      Hi ladies! Of course you should get a pair of Xtra Tuf boots. They are the “Alaska Sneakers” and can handle all manner of wet weather. In Southeast they’re really the only boots to get. The key to comfort with Xtra Tufs is to purchase a felt insole! Bogs are a good bargain for other areas of Alaska, as they have a comfort rating to at least -30, so you only need one pair, in theory. Great for kids, too.

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    So glad you came!! And if you want walking buddies, I’m eager to explore it now that it is so green!!

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    Wow, Alaska is so beautiful! This is one of my dream destinations!

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    So amazing! What a blessing to live near to something so beautiful! And what fun to be able to have some hands on learning adventures!

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    Wow – as one of the three states I haven’t visited yet, Alaska is very intriguing to me. It is so beautiful and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures.
    Loved this refreshing post! Thanks for sharing!

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