Life In Alaska: Celebrating Earth Day

How are you celebrating Earth Day? How do teach your children about our magnificent home? Today the visitor’s center at the Mendenhall Glacier had a festival of sorts and we went to look around.

There were all kinds of learning opportunities and booths. We talked to a man that had a steam box which lead to a small stove in a bucket. We made tree rings on an old ice cream lid and put brown yarn around the outside to make the bark. Chase wanted to leave his there, but this would be a great craft for learning about trees! (instructions at bottom of post)

Little Crab made a rubber band race car and got to race it on a track! Face painting happend. We saw a 19 year old raven up close. There were booths about recycling, trees, nature and of course the Mendenhall Glacier.

We then walked down the beach and let Little Crab do one of his most favorite things. He loves to throw rocks into the lake (or any water) at the glacier. So we spent a few minutes taking photos of the foggy mountains and the glacier on this rainy day, so he could throw a couple of rocks. I put that video on The We Three Crabs facebook page because it is too large for this post!

Tree Ring Craft


Left over lid to small ice cream containers (the paper ish ones, not plastic ones) or good old construction paper
colored pencils or markers
brown yarn
pencil or scissors

Turn your lid to the white side so you can draw on it. If you don’t have lids to recycle you can use construction paper. Draw circles on the lid or paper to represent the child’s age. One ring for each year. (Good place to talk about how trees have rings for each year of life.) Put glue on the rim of the lid and glue the brown yarn around the outside of the lid. (This represents the bark) Poke a hole at the top with either scissors or a pencil and add some more brown yarn so this can be a hanging ornament. Enjoy!

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