Math Games Using a Deck of Cards

Using a deck of cards is a great way to teach math! Seeing the numbers and the pictures on the cards made things tangible for Little Crab! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Math Games Using a Deck of Cards

math games deck of cardsI took out the face cards  and the aces. I then had Little crab sort the cards into suits. We talked about the different suits. I had him put the numbers in order. If he didn’t know the number he could count the items on the card. Now this is not really a game we could do while I cooked, but after dinner we sat down and he loved this. We used the cards to do simple addition and subtraction problems. I would show him the first card and asked what number it was, then I would either ask him to add or subtract the second card.

Once he had the numbers down I added the face cards and aces back in. Then I showed him how to play solitaire. We still have to play it together, but he is really getting the hang of it.  War is another game that is good for beginners. You need to know which number is larger.

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    I taught school for many years and a deck of cards can be used in so many ways! And the reinforcement or teaching done at home is so important.

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