Meals for Moms on the Go

Meals for Moms on the Go

Meals for Moms on the Go
School is back in session and the kids’ sports activities are keeping everyone busy. Are you finding that you are spending most of your evenings in the car traveling form one activity to another? Having multiple kids in different sports or activities can keep you hoping or should I say driving all over town. Hitting the drive through can get expensive, and not to mention unhealthy. I have put together a list of meals you can prepare in advance and then pack in your car. Having a cooler full of food and drinks can save you a ton of money! Being a Mom on the go can be tiresome, hopefully having these ideas on hand can help you plan your week so you won’t be scrambling to find food when going from one practice to another.

  1. Make ahead sandwiches. Pb & J, carrot sticks, string cheese, gogurt, apple sauce, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, veggies to dip in peanut butter. Pack a cooler and make it a picnic!
  2. Make your own pizza dough (which is very cheap to make), and make hot pockets yourself! Or another variation is using biscuits. Flatten them out and fold into half circles when baking.
    Ham and cheese, pizza, BBQ ham, turkey and cheese, broccoli and cheese, etc! Bake them, let them cool, and wrap them nice and tight in saran wrap, pop in a freezer bag in the freezer – grab some and warm them up before you leave
  3. Make wraps. You can put anything into a tortilla and wrap it up. Load it up with veggies and lean meats for lunch and dinner, or load it up with eggs and bacon/sausage for breakfast.
  4. Walking tacos- a bag of Doritos taco meat and whatever fixings you like on your taco and eat it out of the bag!
  5. Wrap just about anything in crescent rolls and bake. They are good hot, warm or even cold. We do hot dogs, taco meat and cheese in a taco ring, hamburger meat and cheese with ketchup to dip.
  6. Chicken and cheese quesadillas or just cheese quesadillas are very portable and are good hot or even room temperature. my kids also like turkey and cheese roll ups.
  7. Meatballs are super easy to take with bbq sauce on them. You can put them in a sandwich or just eat them as they are.

Tips for your cooler

Keep extra Frisbees in the trunk to use as lap trays to keep the food from sliding everywhere.

A cheap way to keep food warm in the cooler …….take a brick and wrap a couple of times with heavy foil. Put it in the oven on 200 for about 15/20 min. Keeps warm for hours.


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    What a great list! I love your idea of using a frisbee as a lap tray. Your snack ideas sound healthy, and much better than drive-thru or gas station snacks. Just repinned this, and will refer back to it on our next road trip 🙂

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    These are great ideas and I will be using these myself.

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    GREAT ideas! I love doing pizza, but hadn’t thought of pizza pockets…without all the extra garbage and preservatives it would be tasty AND healthy. The brick idea is marvelous. ANd I forget about wrapping stuff in crescent dough…I do not usually buy it bc it is ‘junk food’ but SO IS FAST FOOD…my won crescent wrappish thangs would be easy, tasty and HEALTHIER!
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