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I have been in search of a new deodorant for a while. I have to admit something. I sweat a lot. It has been difficult for me to find something that keeps me smelling fresh all day. I have tried numerous over the counter mainstream deodorants. Some of them work for a while, then one day, they don’t.
I have been thinking more and more about the chemicals used in mainstream products. I switched to phosphate free shampoo last year. My hair feels and looks so much better now. So I thought maybe I should start looking at other more natural products as well.

My Body Utopia

It’s hard to find something that feels good and works well. When  My Body Utopia contacted me to do a review for mybody utopiathem, I agreed to try the products for free in order to conduct this review. She sent me three items for review. The deodorant, a kitchen hand soap and a whipped shea butter.
I started with the whipped shea butter. I was surprised it is a little more solid than I thought it would be. It did soften to my body heat as I manipulated it in my hands. It was a little hard to get on evenly on my legs and arms. I think this would be a great hand and cuticle cream for me. Since I live in Alaska, climate plays a part in everything. If you live in a warmer climate, it may not be as solid. Keep that in mind!
The kitchen hand soap is amazing. It really gets the tough smells off your hands. Garlic, onion and other spices are difficult to get off your hands when you are cooking. I washed my hands with this soap and they smelled clean and fresh. This hand soap will also be our giveaway item. At the bottom of this post you can enter to win a free bar of this kitchen soap.
The third item is the natural deodorant. I have to admit I am used to mainstream products. As I opened the container I loved the smell of the lemon. It softened to my body heat and once I got used to it, I was able to apply it easily. At first it felt a bit gritty, but it does not have the same ingredients as the mainstream products. I really like this deodorant and can see myself purchasing more. The real test will be in June when we travel back to the Midwest to visit family. If this can hold up in the heat and humidity of an Indiana Summer, I definitely will order more!

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My body Utopia


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    You had me at “shea butter”! These look like really good products. My hands are always so dry from cleaning, etc. so I use a sweet mix that a friend made for me. Sometimes I think natural products are so much better than those you find at the big box stores. Great giveaway…I entered & am crossing my fingers! 🙂

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