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Little Crab is two and a half. He loves to read. There are tons of great books out there. We read a lot of the popular characters: Clifford, Thomas and Friends, Arthur, Curious George and others. While we read those, they don’t usually become our favorite books. The books we read over and over and over again are of the “off the beaten path” variety. I thought I would share 10 books we love that you may not have heard of. (I have to disclose that I am an Amazon affiliate, you will find links in this post. If you make a purchase I will receive a small percentage. It will only help us to buy more books to read.)

Without further adieu here is our top ten list.

Top 10 Children’s book you may not have heard of.

10. Beware of the Frog by William Bee

9. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle by Betty MacDonald

8. What Mess? by Tom Lichtenheld

7. Rhinos Who Surf by Julie Mammano

6. And the Train Goes… by William Bee

5. Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog by Mini Grey

4. Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey by Mini Grey

3. Monkey with a Tool Belt by Chris Monroe

2. Monkey with a Tool Belt and the Seaside Shenanigans (Carolrhoda Picture Books) by Chris Monroe

1. Monkey with a Tool Belt and the Noisy Problem by Chris Monroe

Monkey with a tool belt

The Monkey with a tool belt books are a serious hit at our house. My son acts them out and talks about them. He also requests that we tell the story from memory at bedtime. (We had to take the books back to the library, so now we just recite them. From memory. Every night.) Traction man is coming in at a close second!


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    Mrs. Piggle Wiggle will always be my favorite…still!;) It was great to see this list. My sister and I are getting ready to publish our 1st children’s book, so it helps to see what parents and kids are actually reading and liking.

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      Julie- We get most of our books from our local library. The links in this post are for Amazon. Thanks for stopping by. -Erica

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