Pinterest Project: Time Out Bottle

This week Little Crab and I made a Time – out bottle that I found on Pinterest. I couldn’t take pictures during the actual making of the project. It was a bit messy for a 2 year old. What was I thinking?

I found this idea from you reuse a water bottle.  Fill the bottle with about 3/4of the way with water, add an entire bottle of glitter glue and a small tube of ultra fine glitter.  If you use hot water the glue melts better.

We used green glitter and glitter glue. I had no idea they even made glitter glue. Where have I been?

I think at this point I like the glitter bottle more than Little Crab does. He doesn’t seem interested in calming down. We may have to put it away and bring it back out when he is a bit older.

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    I love the color! That is like tons of glitter glue you put in there huh? 😀

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    Love it! Will let u kno if it wirka with a 5 year old lol

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