Pinterest Tuesday..Laundry Day

Ah Laundry Day. Does anyone actually like to do laundry? (insert sound of crickets here)

How much do you spend a month on Laundry detergent? Have you sat down and thought about it? I did. I guess I’m a geek like that. I was using Tide which sells at Walmart for $11.97 per bottle (which washes 64 loads). That is about 18 cents a load for anyone that cares.

I started making my own laundry detergent about 8 months ago. I’m sure this formula is on Pinterest, But I got it from the Queen of Free. I wrote on her facebook wall and she gave me the quick recipe.

laundryA box of 20 Mule Team Boarox, a box of Super Washing Soda (Arm and Hammer), and 5 bars of Ivory soap. Also Pictured here is my very expensive “Laundry Soap Only Grater”. I went to the Dollar store and they had fancy colors so I got red!

So for those of you who are doing the math in your head.Borax = $3.38, Arm & Hammer Washing Soda = $3.24 , Ivory soap = $3.97 (for 10 bars, save half for next time.) = $10.59.

I do on average 5 loads a week of laundry. This equals 20 loads per month. This mixture lasted me 8 months! 20×8 = 160 loads. That comes out to 6 cents per load.

I had the soap grated and the other items stirred in, in about 10 minutes. You could shake it, but my container is not air tight so when I tried to shake it, it spilled. So I now stir. Live and learn, right?

When using this mixture I use two tablespoons. Three if it my husbands stinky fishing clothes. I also throw in some of those scented beads you can buy now. I started adding those a few months ago.

*****UPDATE****** December 2013

I just made a new batch of laundry soap. I used the pink Zote soap this time and Purex crystals for scent.

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    I’m the weirdo that likes laundry! lol Although I would like to know how you get by with only 5 loads a week!

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    Wow…that saving is incredible! I might just have to try this. Do you find your clothes are just as clean as with the Tide? Do you know if this recipe is safe for a HE washer? – definitely pinning!! 🙂

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    Yes my clothes are just a clean. A couple of caveats…I still use fabric softener because I like the smell. This mixture does not suds, so if you are looking for bubbles, you won’t find them. 🙂

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    I just found you on empowered momma. This is a really interesting blog, I will try this! Funny enough, I actually like doing laundry, it’s the folding and hanging up clothes that annoys me, 🙂

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    Hey love, I just tried to follow you on Twitter & FB (so glad you finally added buttons for those so I can tweet your link ups!) but none of them are actually working. Follow me on Twitter please? @MelissaSwenson Thanks!!!

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    Following via Pinterest. I got an error with your FB & Twitter icons. Not sure if it’s on my end.

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    I must be a freak, I LOVE going laundry. 🙂 It was the chore I fought for when my husband and I divided up the work when we were first married. lol

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    Hi, I was just wondering the total ounces of Ivory Soap used? Thanks for sharing!

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