Slave to the Kitchen: Cheesy Garlic Chicken

I have been making this chicken for a long time. It has become my go-to no-fail recipe. It’s crazy easy and crazy yummy. Who doesn’t love cheese and garlic?  Put them together and this chick is great for guests, bur easy enough to make on a weeknight after work.

I defrost 3-4 chicken breasts and get the rest out of the pantry:
I crunch up half to 3/4 a roll of crackers into a bowl, add a few generous handfuls of cheese  (cheddar jack is my choice, you could use whatever you want) and 2 palm fulls of Garlic powder in a bowl. When the chicken is defrosted I cut it into strips. I then dredge the chicken into the cracker mix and place it into an ungreased glass pan. I pour the remainder of the cracker mix on top of the chicken. Now this next step came because I am lazy, or maybe I forgot to melt the butter and dredge the chicken in before the cracker mix, whatever. I slice a quarter stick of butter and place it on top of the chicken.

I then put the chicken in a preheated oven set to 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Cook until juices run clear, and it is bubbly. I cheat. I make vegetables from a bag and premade rolls. Dinner, quick, and tasty!


Cheesy garlic chicken


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    This looks delicious! I’m starving and it’s lunch time but i’m home sick. Mother Nature has struck again! I’m bookmarking this recipe. It looks yummy & fairly simple to make. I’m stopping by from the December hop, i hope your having a great day.


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    Yummo! I love to cook and bake but sometimes I need a quick and easy recipe too, especially through the week.
    That looks so good; I’ll have to try it without the garlic.

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