Life in Alaska: There is a Squirrel in My House!

I have a confession to make. I have had a squirrel in my laundry room for a week. He got in through the front door when we (my son) left it wide open one evening. I’m totally freaked out! Today I want to talk about how to get a squirrel out of your house. I have tried a mired of things I have read about on the internet. I’m going to tell you what worked and what did not.

How to get a squirrel out of your house.I read about how squirrels do not like peppermint oil. Great! I just happened to have some because I used it to make spider spray. I put some on a cotton ball and put it in the area where I thought the squirrel was. Nothing. He was not repelled.

I tried setting a mouse trap. He set it off and got away. I hope he enjoyed the peanut butter. Same with the sticky rat trap. Now I was feeling like I was feeding him. My husband joked that he was becoming our pet.

The smell was permeating the laundry room and coming into the kitchen. I was starting to feel like I lived in a very unsanitary place. I also did not feel very safe.

I invited a friend over with her large dogs. I was hoping they would run around and bark, hoping to scare the squirrel. It hid. It also came out the next morning. We opened the door and tried to chase it towards the open door. He ran around the corner instead of out the door.

I called the humane society. They actually rent small animal traps. When I went to pick it up, she had to print off more copies of the application. Apparently they have had a lot of squirrels this summer. Now, I don’t feel so alone and so icky. She showed me the trap and how easy it was to use. She told me to put the peanut butter behind the trigger and wrap that end with a towel, this way the squirrel has to actually enter the trap to get the peanut butter. She told me that when he is caught to take him as far away from our home as we can to let him loose. Otherwise he will find his way back.

I set the trap as soon as I got home. I knew that the squirrel would not come out util the house was quiet. Usually he makes an appearance early in the morning, before we wake up. When I got up the next morning, I saw that the door was closed. I had my son look under the towel and tell me if he was in there. SCORE! I put on a rubber glove and carried the trap outside. I began cleaning. I had to get that smell out of my house. That my friends, is the cheapest way to get a squirrel out of your house.


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    If it ever happens again, bring him to me!!! We’d love to observe him for a while with some homeschool friends!!!

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    I didn’t know the humane society rents traps like that! Great to know! Hope we don’t get a squirrel inside though. 🙂

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