The Big Move To Alaska – How to Make Any Size Move Simple and Stress Free

How to Make Any Size Move Simple and Stress Free

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howtomakeanysizemove2 Now That you have my FREE printable you can get my ebook too! I finally decided to write about the experience we had moving to Alaska. We made the big move from the Midwest to Juneau, Alaska at the end of 2013. After making a that stressful move I can tell you how to make yours simple and stress free! My ebook, How to Make Any Size Move Simple and Stress Free, is a bit of our story and some helpful hints for your move whether it be large or small.

If you want to know about how and why we decided to move to Alaska, what made us want to move, how we struggled to get up here to the Last Frontier and a few tips and tricks that I learned from planning a 3,000 mile move across the county, this book is for you! If I can make my 3,000 mile move simple, you can make your move across town simple too!

You can simply order it from Amazon and have it sent straight to your kindle!


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    Any hints for me when it comes to cleaning. I am 75 caring for a husband with memory problems, 3 dogs and I do home dialysis 4 times a day. In addition, I beat cancer when I was 55, had a year of chemo and then had a bone marrow transplant. Since then I have had a heart attack as well as the kidney problems. But I am determined to live another 20 years. I am finding it harder and harder to keep up. I can’t afford a cleaning lady. I need quick and easy ways to keep the house clean. Going to try your peroxide trick on the bathroom floor. Open to any suggestions. Thanks for your blog.

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