Toddler Puzzle Activity

My son is two. I am forever looking for something to keep his attention and help him develop his mind.  As it turns out, he loves puzzles! When I ran across this toddler puzzle tutorial I knew I had to try it. Below is how I customized this puzzle for my son.

Toddler Puzzle Activity

I printed off three photos of Big Daddy Crab and I and cut them to fit on the large Popsicle sticks. I got out my Elmer’s Glue all and a sponge brush to brush the glue on the photos and attach them to the sticks. (Next time I will cut my photos a little bit wider) The last step that I added was to number the sticks. This way we can learn numbers later and I can remember which order the pictures go in.

Toddler Puzzle ActivityIt was fun to watch him put them together and see that is made a picture of us.  Simple animal pictures could have been used as well, really any picture you want.

This toddler puzzle activity is an easy craft and can be made during nap time or at bed time, then it can be brought out to keep your toddler busy while you cook dinner or anytime you need a few moments. It is better than sitting them in from of the Television, although I have come up with a list of good quality tv show for Preschoolers. If I have to turn on a show, I turn one of these on. Little Crab likes them too!



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    Awesome idea… Plus it is inexpensive to make…

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    I made some like this for my daughter, she loves them! We used pictures of our family and her siblings. Maybe now that she’s older, I can add some numbers like you did!

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    Love it!! I really want to try this one.

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    I liked this so much I Pinned it.
    Thank you for sharing and linking up to the Empowered Living Hop. I hope to see you back in the new year. Happy holiday.

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    you could use for early wordmaking e.g. ‘Mum’ or child’s name. Great idea, thanks

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