Toddler Fine Motor Skill Activity

Pinterest Tuesday

My son is a busy toddler boy. It’s hard to keep him entertained. I try all kinds of activities that I find on Pinterest. When I found this particular activity we tried it right away, because I had everything already! That is what I liked best about this fine motor skill toddler game. I had a few pieces of spaghetti, some Cheerios and a container of play-dough. I left the play-dough in the plastic container and just took the lid off. I stuck a few pieces of spaghetti into the play-dough (I broke them to various lengths first. Then I gave my son a bowl of Cheerios. I told him the goal was to stack as many Cheerios on the sticks before it falls over.

This “game” kept him busy for a good 15-20 minutes! Then he got to eat the Cheerios as a snack.


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