Trades of Hope – Africa

5Trades of Hope works with two groups in Uganda, where over half (approx 55%) of the population live in poverty. The groups that employ the artisans who create the Imani Necklace and Eden Wrap bracelet do more than just provide gainful employment, they also help connect the women they employ with educational/health care/spiritual opportunities and empower them to build better lives for themselves and their families through sustainable business! More children are going to school and mothers are able to feed their children, as this ministry changes one community at a time. They offer these women hope by teaching them to make these recycled paper wrap bracelets. These beads represent love and change from Uganda, Africa!

HIV is on the rise in Uganda. The current HIV prevalence in Uganda is estimated at 6.4% among adults, and women are disproportionately affected, accounting for 57% of all adults living with HIV. Social and biological factors put women at a higher risk of the infection. Through artisan work single mothers are able to pay for hospital bills and bring themselves back to health.

10426639_10209095804971225_433738395773793679_nThe ministry founded in 2008 by then 19-year-old Katie Davis (who wrote Kisses from Katie), feeds, educates, and encourages orphaned and vulnerable children and families in Uganda. Mothers in this beading ministry craft beautiful necklaces and are empowered to provide for their families. Katie goes to the slum community of Masese once a week to meet with these women, build relationships, lead them in a Bible study, purchase their necklaces, and assist in giving them training. This program gives hope and a future for families in Uganda. These women have not only built sustainable business and are supporting their own families they have chosen to also feed the children in their village as well. Through the sales of these two necklaces they are able to feed 1200 children per week. Now that is a story of Girl Power!

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