Tips for Buying a Juicer

We Bought a Juicer

A few weeks ago my husband bought a juicer. After we watched the documentary “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” we decided to make some changes to our eating habits.

Bought a JuicerWe eat junk, and we like it. We are sugar addicts. We bake cookies and brownies on the weekends. We like quick prepackaged meals for weeknights, when we get home from work and have about two hours until bedtime. (or as I like to call it the bedtime battle)

Change is hard.

We know we need to eat better. We know that fruit and vegetables in their natural state are the best for you. We know that.

Welcome to our journey. One step at a time we are going to eat healthier. You can not do it all at once. We are learning that.

Step 1

Watch some documentaries. We watched “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”. There are plenty of them out there about how our food is processed and how we should eat raw food. Do some research for yourself.

Step 2

Decide to make the change as a family. Secretly, I had been wanting to make changes, BUT I knew that as long as my hubby would continue with the snacks and prepackaged French fries, there was no sense in me trying to go it alone. So when we decided, we decided together.

Once you have decided, I recommend a juicer. What we have been doing is juicing and adding it to our meals. Or juicing and making smoothies in place of meals.

Tips for buying a juicer.

Did you know there are two different types of juicers? One has a blade and the other does not.

Typically the type with the blade is less expensive. They are the best-known and most widely available machines for home juicing. We bought one of these, because we are beginners and we are on a budget.

Gear style units extract juice from vegetables and fruits through a slow, grinding process. These type of juicers are considered to be much more efficient in obtaining vitamins and other nutrients from the produce. They also cost a lot more money.

Do your research. Set aside a budget. Start small, if this is your first juicer you do not need the most expensive kind.

The first thing we juiced was grapes. We had fresh grape juice with dinner. The next night we had fresh apple juice. On Saturday morning we had fresh orange juice. Then I started to mix. Apples are pretty neutral, meaning you can add them to anything. So I juiced three carrots and one apple at dinner time. Wow it was sweet and tasty.

We are starting slow and that is just fine with us. Do you have a juicer? What is your favorite fruit and/or Veg to juice?

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