White Pizza

I am always looking for fun, easy meals that I can whip together when we get home at night. Pizza is so easy to make. I have shared a recipe for home made pizza crust before. This time I just used the kind that you find in the tube. You roll it out and bake it for a few minutes, then you add your toppings. I wanted to make something different.

White Pizza

This reminded me of those cheese breads you get with your pizza at those delivery places. Three ingredients. ready in 15 minutes and easy clean up made this into a great week night meal.

White Pizza1 can of pizza dough (I used Pillsbury because I have a coupon)

1 jar of Alfredo sauce (I used Ragu, roasted garlic)

Mozzarella Cheese

Roll out your pizza dough onto a greased pan. Bake according to directions. Open the Alfredo sauce and scoop out 4-5 tablespoons full. Spread onto dough. You can use more or less. I eye balled it. Then sprinkle on the cheese.

Save the left overĀ Alfredo sauce to use the next night with noodles, or chicken or whatever you choose.

Bake the pizza as directed.

Enjoy. Seriously. I pulled out some grapes and a yogurt because my three year old was so hungry. It helped to round out the meal. This would be a great snack for football season or during your favorite show. You could add other toppings as well. We are picky so I stuck with cheese. I also have made this on biscuits (biscuit pizzas)

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