What Did I Wash My Laundry With?

We know that doing laundry is not exactly exciting, but lets face it… everyone has to do it! What if you could wash your clothes as effectively as laundry detergent without using any of the chemicals, dyes, perfumes or detergents? What if you didn’t need to spend money on laundry detergent anymore? I received this product […] Continue reading →

10 Products for Growing Kids

pneumonia Booster Car Seat $29.99 Target.com Travel Straw Sippy Cups $9.35 Fullfillment By Amazon Stroller Organizer Bag $10.95 Amazon.com Marketplace Stroller hooks $8.99 JustKidsStore Holder for Apple iPad $8.74 Amazon.com Marketplace Stay-Put Bowls with Infant Soft Tip Spoons $59.15 Amazon.com Marketplace Spill Proof Paint Cups $8.95 Kaplan Toys My son is turning five this year! I […] Continue reading →

Vacuum Maintenance 101

Vacuum Maintenance 101 I had an expensive Orek vacuum about six years ago. Sadly I lost that wonderful appliance in my divorce. The past six-ish years I have lived with someone else, and I used their vacuum. So when we made the big move to Alaska I was in the market for a new vacuum.  My budget was […] Continue reading →

Family Wall Decal Review

What a great inexpensive way to add a pop to your decor! #Family I recently was looking for an inexpensive way to add some decorations to my hallway up my stairs. I received this Family wall decal for free in order to conduct this review. When I saw this wall decal up for review up on Tomoson I applied rather quickly. I had been looking to a way […] Continue reading →

Activity Cards – Fun With Your Kids

Gloria guest post Today’s post is from my friend Gloria, who lives in Northern Indiana! Winters can be rough in Northern Indiana. Wind chills often dip into the negative teens. So, during the dark, bitterly cold months of winter my boys and I often stay inside our small cozy house as much as possible. Which sounds almost romantic […] Continue reading →

Fruit-Full Plates

Come enter a giveaway to win a set of plates from Fruit-full plates! I have a son who is four years old. Sometime in my house we struggle with discipline. I know that follow through is important. Setting boundaries is important, but I also know that praise and talking about how to change behavior is equally important. That is why I know you will love the product I […] Continue reading →

Valentine’s Day Crafts for kids

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  What kinds of crafts will you do with them to help them learn about this special day? What are you making for them to take to school to give to the class? Today I am going to give you some ideas for Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids. Oriental Trading Company […] Continue reading →

5 Activities for Winter Days

winter activities We try to limit screen time in our home, so I wanted to come up with at least 5 things for you to do that didn’t include the boob tube. I have written an article about the TV shows I do let my son watch. I also shared 5 ideas for winter days a few weeks ago. It was […] Continue reading →