AquaFruit Infusion Bottle

AquaFruit Infusion Bottle

I received this AquaFruit Infusion Bottle for free in order to write this review. My opinions are 100% my own. So I need to drink more water. I think everyone can stand to drink a bit more water! The body is composed o 60% water, there-fore its important you have a good amount of it in your diet. Drinking water has many health benefits that I am sure have been gone over time and time again. Water effects everything from your skin, to your … [Read more...]

Easy Cloud Dough – Fake Sand

Super Easy Cloud Dough

A few weeks ago Little Crab and I needed an activity to do outside. It rains a lot here in Juneau, so when the sun is out we try to be outside as much as possible. I wasn't up for a hike, but still wanted him to have something to keep him entertained. So we made Cloud Dough or Fake Sand! This was super simple, just two ingredients! I used a container with a lid to keep it contained. I had one that was a bit larger than a shoe box but not as … [Read more...]

Good Wolf vs Bad Wolf

good wolf

How do you teach your kids right from wrong? How do you make it real for them? Little Crab is four and learning behavior. We sat down and told him the story of "Good Wolf vs Bad Wolf". This is an American Indian story that has been passed down from generation to generation. We informed our son about the "two wolves" that battle each other inside every living human. One wolf possesses all good qualities, like kindness, humility and understanding. … [Read more...]

Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

Chocolate Cupcake Hack

Do you feel like a slave to the kitchen? I know I do at times. That is why I like to cheat and take the easy way out a lot of the time. Making things from scratch can save you money in the long run, but to me time is my currency. Saving time and having something tasty at the same time is what I dig! Today I am going to share with you a cupcake hack that I thought of! Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting Ingredients: 1 Box of … [Read more...]

Little Gems by Luisa – Free Earrings

Little Gems by Luisa

Today I want to introduce you to Little Gems by Luisa. Luisa always had issues finding bracelets that fit and this gave her an opportunity to make her own jewelry. She bought some cheap beads to test the waters. Somehow, one thing led to the next and colleagues started complimenting her jewelry.  She likes using a simple concept. She loves colour. She likes using different materials with colour and texture and turn them into something unique and … [Read more...]

Pancake Muffins

pancake muffins

Do you ever feel like a slave to the kitchen? I know I do. I don’t love to cook. So I look for fun easy recipes to cook for my family. I am always looking for preschooler approved easy meals to prepare.We both had fun making these pancake muffins! This is a great recipe to do with a toddler or a preschooler. Little Crab had a blast being in charge of the ingredients! You know I don't do anything unless it is easy and quick. Pancake … [Read more...]

Busy Kid Activities

busy kid activities

I am so excited about this shop! Busy Kid Activities started while Allison was  making stuff for her son to keep him busy. It has evolved into majority felt pieces and boards. She sent us a hanging felt board and three sets of felt pieces to play with. My son loves to make up stories so when I brought this out we just talked about the pieces and started making up stories about the bugs, animals and people. It has been fun to see his … [Read more...]

Super Easy 5 Minute Playdough

super easy 5 minute playdough

Little Crab and I are always looking for new fun projects to try. So when I stumbled across this no cook playdough recipe from The Imagination Tree, we had to try it! This is a great activity to let the kids help you make it then let them play with it! kept my son busy for about an hour that day and we have got it out several times since. Super Easy 5 Minute Playdough Ingredients: 2 cups plain white flour 2 tbs vegetable oil 1/2 c salt 2 … [Read more...]

Math Game You Can Play While You Cook Dinner

math game 1

Have I told you lately how busy my preschooler is? I bet I don't need to, I bet if you have a four or five year old at home you know exactly what I am talking about. I bet you know the struggles at dinner time keeping the little on entertained while you try to throw something together that can be considered dinner. Sometimes at my house things get hodgepodged together, but it always turns out. Even in my frantic state of cooking and playing and … [Read more...]

Saturday Morning Snack Box

snack box

My son is four, soon to be five years old. He likes to be in control. As he gains independence, I like to give him more control. I have had a snack box for about a year in a lower cabinet in my kitchen. Saturday Morning Snack Box I gave him his own small cabinet, really I could not put anything else in there, so it became his. When I go to the grocery store I look for things to keep in there. He knows that he can choose anything in the box to … [Read more...]