Receiving Grace

Grace I wrote the above post after I heard a sermon at my church. It is my rough notes from the sermon. Sometimes it is nice to be reminded of things we already know. You are important! You are special! With Easter being on Sunday I wanted to share a few thoughts on Grace. Receiving Grace […] Continue reading →

Oatmeal Cupcakes

I saw this recipe on a friend’s page on Facebook. Usually I don’t participate in those sharing strings because most of the time they do not link back to the official blog post which hurts fellow bloggers. This post had a string of comments from friends of my friend that posted it saying they loved […] Continue reading →

Etsy Creations

Etsy Creations Do you shop on Etsy? I have a bit here and there. I like to just get on there and look at all the hand made Etsy creations. People are really creative. Etsy is a place for people to have a store front to see their handmade or vintage items. Sellers list the items for […] Continue reading →

Product Review: Little Passports

Activity I was sent the first month’s subscription box for free in order to look it over and write this review. Little Passports USA Edition Every month, Sam and Sofia visit two new states and send your child an exciting package in the mail including an activity packed travel journal, stickers, postcards, pop-out models and access […] Continue reading →