Nontoxic Spider Spray

non toxic spider spray We moved into a cabin at the beginning of June. This place needs some TLC and so we have been doing some deep cleaning. Since no one has lived in this cabin for over six months, I have noticed something. SPIDERS! Ack! I wanted to try something nontoxic before I start spraying a bunch of […] Continue reading →

Lazy Bar Cookies

Lazy Bar Cookies I want to say up front that I did not come up with this idea. I  was on Pinterest and saw this pin and decided to try it. Something about the words Lazy and cookie that had me intrigued. I’m always looking for a quick and easy recipe so I don’t feel […] Continue reading →

Step Four: Walk More

Walking is a good step to take if you are trying t live a more healthy lifestyle. This pedometer is a good one! Step Four: Walk More So, I am on a journey? We are taking steps to make our lifestyle healthier. Eating is a major part of your lifestyle. Our first step was making the decision, together. If everyone is not on board, your family will not make it. Step two, for us, was purchasing a juicer. Step by […] Continue reading →

Cheap Date Ideas

5 cheap date night ideas for when you need to stay home and a few for when you do get to leave the house. My husband and I don’t go on regularly scheduled date nights. We are at a point where we cannot afford to pay a sitter. So we stay home. That doesn’t mean we don’t have time together, it just means we are creative about how we spend our time. What to know what we do? Today […] Continue reading →

Kids and Attention Words

What is the ONE word that your kids say to get your attention? What is the one word that your child says to get your attention? This post was originally on Beauty Through Imperfection. My son is three. Three. The lovely age of testing limits and learning how life works. Little crab is very busy trying to establish that he is boss. I try very hard not to […] Continue reading →

Let’s Talk Hair

How to find sulfate free shampoo. Do you use a shampoo with Sulfates in it? Have you read the label of your shampoo bottle? Sulfates are found in any shampoo — or any cleanser, for that matter — that produces suds. In the past, the presence of suds has made consumers feel as though the product was working. As it turns […] Continue reading →