Trades of Hope Tuesday – Haiti

Trades of Hope

Are you ready to tour the world with Trades of Hope? This is no ordinary tour, this is a tour with a PURPOSE! We’re going to travel around the globe, meeting artisans from several countries and seeing their beautiful work. We’ll hear stories of HOPE, about people who have been empowered out of difficult circumstances and found sustainable employment with dignity through craft work. We’ll see how we can change the world in simple ways and we’ll have lots of fun while we’re at it! Join us right here on my blog for the next several weeks as I share the stories of the 16 countries that Trades of Hope supports. In case you missed it, last week we talked about the story behind Trades of […]

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Trades of Hope Tuesday

Trades of Hope

So many women live in poverty, not because they lack abilities, but because they lack opportunity. Trades of Hope was started to give women that opportunity for a better life. Each woman has a story, and with Trades of Hope’s help, their story has changed from pain and struggle to a story of HOPE! If you are not familiar with Trades of Hope, I would like to start you off with a little video that tells the story quite beautifully of what we’re all about. For the Next Several weeks we’re going to travel around the globe, meeting artisans from several countries and seeing their beautiful work. We’ll hear stories of HOPE, about people who have been empowered out of difficult circumstances and found sustainable […]

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Benefits of Choco: How Much Chocolate is Healthy for Our Kids


There is probably no child or adult in the world who do not like the taste of chocolate. It is a real type of comfort food that can even boost energy a bit and improve your overall mood. But like all things taken orally that can be beneficial for our health, chocolate has to be consumed moderately as well. Therefore, it is very important that parents introduce their children to this tasty snack carefully. Benefits of Choco: How Much Chocolate is Healthy for Our Kids Careful with caffeine The first obvious effect chocolate can have on kids is the boost of energy since chocolate contains caffeine. Therefore, if you want to treat your child with chocolate sweet, do not offer it after dinner, because the […]

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Do YOU Want to be a Kickass Healthy Mom?

healthy kids

Being a kickass Healthy mom is all about what we eat! I know that my eating habits have improved over the last couple of years, but they still need to be better. I’m always learning about and trying new products to help me in my quest to become a healthy momma. Isagenix incorporates nutritional cleansing. It is not a colon cleanse (although it does gently cleanse the colon) and performs at the cellular level. We also advocate doing a cleanse day 1 or 2 days a month as we are constantly bombarded with toxins in the air, water, chemicals in food (HFC, MSG) etc. The exceptional qualities of Isagenix  shakes such as organic, undenatured whey. non-GMO, no artificial sweeteners to mess with your hormones, no […]

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Don’t Cry Over Spilled drinks! Use the Gcap!

Don't Cry over Spilled Drink! Use a GCap!

This is a sponsored post and review from the makers of GCap. Do you have kids who are took old for sippy cups, but are not yet old enough to handle drinking from an open spout water bottle? Have you seen the viral post of the inside of a dirty sippy cup spout? Does that creep you out and you want to start using something else? Today I am going to talk about a product that we have had the please of using. It worked so well for us and I know it will help you from crying over spilled drinks in your family too! We received two GCaps in the mail so that my son could try this product and I could write about […]

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A Short Guide to St. Patrick’s Day + Free Printables

st patricks day

This post is sponsored by the folks at Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is one of those great traditions all families can enjoy. Many households across America celebrate it. People who don’t have Irish origins join the celebration of their neighbors. For those who still find it a bit vague and want to learn more about it, here is a short holiday guide. In Ireland, 17th of March has the same kind of importance and holiness as Christmas or Easter. No wonder, since St. Patrick is believed to be the one who introduced the Irish people to Christianity with the help of a little green plant called shamrock, that will later become Ireland’s trademark and distinguishing symbol. Many centuries and a leap across the ocean […]

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The last Great Race on Earth: The Iditarod

Come learn more about the iditarod. The last great race on earth!

February 2nd was National Sled Dog Day. On that day I posted an article all about seld dogs and a tiny snippet about the Iditarod dog sled race. James Kari, Assistant Professor, University of Alaska Native Language Center in 1979 stated: “The name Iditarod came from an Ingalik and Holikachuk word hidedhod for the Iditarod River. This name means distant or distant place. This word is still known by elders in the villages of Shageluk, Anvik, Grayling and Holy Cross.” The Iditarod Dog Sled Race The Iditarod sled dog race has been billed as the “World Series of mushing events” and “The Last Great Race on Earth”. You can’t compare it to any other competitive event in the world! A race covering 1000 miles of the roughest, […]

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Read an Ebook Week

It's read an ebook week. What is on your list? I share some books I am currently reading and some that are on my list.

An ebook is a book-publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on computers or other electronic devices. Whether you own a kindle, nook or other device ebooks have become the new way to read!  I don’t own a special device to reed ebooks on. With new technology you can now read books on your smart phone or right on your computer! This week is National read an ebook week so what better time to feature some great reads that are all ebooks. In the Fiction category I recommend these. I know this author and her work is great. Plus she lives here in Juneau! I just started reading a couple of new books in the Christian category that I wanted to share with […]

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5 Ways to Drink More Water


Last year I wrote a post about how important drinking water is for your body. I admit that I have not been drinking as much as I should. I did well for a while and then I just started drinking less and less. Now i feel yucky and bloated and have gained some extra pounds this long, carb filled winter. It’s time to get back on the water drinking wagon. To do that i am going to give you (and me) 5 ways to drink more water. When drinking juice, mix it with 1/3 sparkling water. Pretend it is a spritzer! Use an app to keep track of your water intake. I keep track on my fitbit. I have also seen several other water apps […]

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From the Archives Friday

Spring is finally here! March Madness is in full swing and Easter is right around the corner. Do you have your centerpiece yet? I created a fun, thrifty centerpiece decorating with peeps and wanted to share it with you. My Archived post is my centerpiece form last Easter! Decorating with Peeps!   Now let’s get to the link up! Have you thought about what archived post you want to feature? Let me see your archived posts!  We developed From the Archives Friday to help breathe new life into old posts. It’s always good to freshen up old content and share it again! Content does not have to die because it is 2 or three years old! So How Does This Work? Start by reading the rules […]

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